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District Courts have jurisdiction hear violations of all misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors and violations of city ordinances. Crimes or violations committed within the county can result in fines of up to $5,000 and jail of one year. Examples include Assault, Domestic Violence, DUI, Driving While Suspended, and all Fish and Wildlife cases.

Most criminal charges carry a mandatory court appearance. Some traffic violations also carry mandatory court appearances. Failure to appear in court on your scheduled court date will result in the issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest.

At the arraignment, you will be asked to enter a plea of guilty, no contest or not guilty. If you enter a not guilty plea, the matter will be set for trial on a future court date. The judge will not allow any testimony or statements regarding the facts of the case at this time. Once a plea of guilty or no contest has been accepted by the judge, you may offer an explanation to the judge before sentencing. The judge will then render a decision about your case.

WARNING: If you fail to appear in Court as you have promised, on any misdemeanor you may be arrested and punished by 1 YEAR IN JAIL AND/OR A $1000.00 FINE, regardless of the disposition of the original charge.

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